Camp Fires

Camp Fire Relief

On November 8, 2018 a fast moving fire ignited in Northern California, forcing evacuations of thousands as flames raced across the dry land and burned the equivalent of more than 80 football fields a minute!  Residents clogged roadways as they tried to flee, often getting caught by fast moving flames burning across freeways and city roads.  Hospitals and schools had to be evacuated, at times by helicopter and search and rescue.

As an extremely fast moving fire this situation is quickly evolving. Check back often for updates, to donate, to request donations, and to join our Adopt a Family program.

What's New

Damage assessment continues as residents survey the damage, work with their insurance companies and begin to work with contractors.

​Have You Seen These People?

​The Butte County Sherriff's Office is trying to locate the people who have been reported missing since the Camp Fire. It is suspected that many of these people are okay and simply don't know they've been listed as missing, perhaps staying with friends or somewhere safe. If you know, or are, anyone on this list, please contact the Butte County Sherriff's Office to let them know you are safe. You can contact the staff working the Task Force at 530-538-6570, 530-538-7544, or 530-538-7671.

​See List of Missing Persons Here

Resources for Survivors of Carr Fire

Join our Bear Hugger Adopt a Family Program™ 

One of the most powerful things we can do for people in the aftermath of disaster is let them know we care and they are not alone. That’s what this program is designed to do.

Our Bear Hugger Adopt a Family Program allows families to adopt other families in need after a disaster. Many times people want to donate to someone specific, someone they feel like they know, someone they can get specific items for.

Below you can register as a family in need or a family who can help. Please register below to be paired with your Bear Hugger family today. 

What to do After a Disaster 

Emergency Food and Water After a Disaster

If you need emergency food and water after a disaster, find an open emergency shelter or listen to local radio or TV for other disaster feeding sites. You can also check with local agencies for food assistance.

If you’re in your home, follow guidelines for food safety after a power outage or flood.

For specific food safety guidelines after a flood visit the website and get specific action steps to keep you and your family safe.

Returning Home After a Disaster 

We know you may be tempted, but whatever you do, do NOT attempt to return to your property until your local officials have given the all clear. Though it may feel like it takes forever to get permission to go back, know that local officials want to get you in there just as soon as they are sure that it is safe.

After disasters there are often downed power lines that are hidden under debris, unstable buildings that can fall at any moment, or other hazards you may not be aware of.

Once home, remember disposal is going to be a huge consideration. Keep an eye out for items that will need special forms of disposal. Follow your area’s guidelines for disposing of damaged property.

If your family heirlooms or treasures have been damaged, there are a number of resources for saving them online.

Disaster Relief Assistance

There are several places to look for disaster relief assistance. In addition to your local government you can check the following links:

Tax Relief After a Disaster

Find out if you qualify for disaster relief on your federal taxes.


If you have a complaint about disaster relief assistance, contact the Department of Homeland Security's Inspector General’s Office at 1-800-323-8603.

Make a donation to Camp Fire Relief

Camp Fire by the Numbers

  • 153,336 acres burned
  • check
    100 percent contained
  • 5 firefighters injured on the job
  • 85 fatalities confirmed
  • check
    296 unaccounted for
  • check
    19,090 structures destroyed

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Cal Fire is the most well oiled machine, they have their shit together when no other organization does. Cal Fire, god bless them, they save so much more than just a piece of property and lives, they save memories.

Lately I’ve been reading some rude posts from people who will comment “burn California burn”. Call these people out whenever they post this please! People are dying. Our state is burning. There is no room for such callous comments

Fireman’s Prayer When I am called to duty, God whenever flames may rage, Give me the strength to save some life Whatever be its age. Help me to embrace a little child Before it’s too late, Or some older person from the horror of that fate. Enable me to be alert And hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and give the best in me, To guard my neighbor And protect his property. And if according to Your will I have to lose my life, Please bless with Your protecting hand My children and my wife Prayers to for his family!

My son works for CalFire those poor guys have been working so many dangerous hrs. Prayers for them all

Sadly this summer will be remembered as the summer of devastating fires and hardly having enough time to put the shroud away. We love you and your commitment to honor, courage, valor, and dedication in all you do. You are the hands and feet of God. From a firefighter’s mom.

So this makes 3 equipment operators we’ve lost this season? Horrible. Thank you to the men and women fighting these wild fires.

We love you guys, you are real heros

Support RED FRIDAY every Friday for deployed troops and firefighters. CalNavyVet

I'm am so very sorry hearing this. Praying for his family.

Prayers up for the Cal Fire mechanic who passed away.

Adding my prayers to the many for those lost, those left behind, and those still in danger. May God be gracious. <3

My condolences. Sad days here in California right now.

Thanks to CalFire firefighters and their families for their ongoing sacrifices. Im sorry for your (our) loss.

I hope the perp that started the Holy Fire is in jail with NO BAIL. RIP to Cal Fire.

Stay safe brothers and sisters on the line...

RIP. Thank you for your sacrifice to our state and country 💔

prayers are with the family and all the firefighters they give it there all to save our homes. Truly will always be heros in my book ! 💗

I am at a loss of words, as the devastation has taken another. My heart aches for the loss and pray for strength in this difficult journey for the family.

CAL FIRE, I'm truly sorry for the loss of another brother to the fire family

These guys are exhausted... God bless, and RiP and hopefully these fires will end.

Thank you all for the difficult work you do. Stay safe <3

I've been praying for the firefighters, my nephew is a firefighter My heart goes out to the family

We lost another firefighter?

So sorry for your loss. God Bless you all, and thank you.

RIP and comfort for family. God Bless you all. Know we are keeping you in our prayers. This is so sad, exhaustion has got to be getting to all of you as well as the smoke. Be careful, be safe ❣️🙏

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4 hours ago


Please join us in celebrating the life of Steven Fernando Casados.On Monday, March 18, 2019 at 10 a.m. we will honor our brother, Steven Fernando Casados. For those not able to attend, we invite you to join us for a livestream of the Celebration of Life Ceremony.

Please see the attached procession map.
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Please join us in celebrating the life of Steven Fernando Casados.


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Rest In Peace Brave CAL Fire Chief! ✝️

Prayers to all his family

🙏🙏 🇺🇸🇺🇸



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1 day ago


Happy #StPatricksDay! We want to remind you that it is more than just good luck that helps to keep your home and family fire safe. Planning and preparation are key this time of year in being a step ahead when dry weather hits! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy #StPatricksDay! We want to remind you that it is more than just good luck that helps to keep your home and family fire safe. Planning and preparation are key this time of year in being a step ahead when dry weather hits!


Comment on Facebook

Good message, but the lucky four-leaf clover has nothing to to with St. Patrick and the three-leaf shamrock.

Blessings Cal Fire 🔥Stay sage ☘️💚

Funny California, kettle calling the pot black

Keep us safe!

Yes I'm worried 😔about fires this year because the last fires really scared me a lot. Everyone be safe & God bless us all. Thank you Cal Fire!! 😊

💙☘️💙☘️💙☘️💙 Happy St Patty's Day to you all!

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2 days ago


This weekend is a great time for another #DefensibleSpace #WeekendProject. Take advantage of the nice weather to trim the grass and weeds around your home. Remember, lawn mowers are designed to cut green lawns. Only weed trimmers with nylon strings should be used on weeds and dry grass. Learn more: ... See MoreSee Less

This weekend is a great time for another #DefensibleSpace #WeekendProject. Take advantage of the nice weather to trim the grass and weeds around your home. Remember, lawn mowers are designed to cut green lawns. Only weed trimmers with nylon strings should be used on weeds and dry grass. Learn more:


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Andrew Gregory cal fire says mow the lawn 😉😂

If I could even SEE my yard that would be lovely...5-6 feet of snow right now.

Ok..Hummm we still have 2 feet of snow.

How can we get the neighbors who own the property behind us to clean it up?

My Fiskars Push mower does the job and gives me a workout without gas or electricity. 👍🏼

Maybe I should print this out and post it on my neighbors front door since his lawn is about four feet high 🤦🏼‍♀️

Get the kids off the couch, LOL.

And let's not forget Trumps favorite sentence. "Rake the forests"

Check for babies in the grass!

And don’t blow your grass into the streets, makes a slippery road for motorcycle’s

Get a goat.

And the defense begins!

If you can, get a goat. Takes everything down to dirt and friendly too. If it’s a girl and has kids, milk for the table.

Done ✅

How about " Control and Cut now, when things are green"?

You'd think we'd All know this by now.😉

Getting it done!

I make a non toxic weed killer : in a one gallon sprayer mix: 1 gal apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup salt 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap... Mix it up and spray..

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3 days ago


Earlier today, CAL FIRE joined California ReLeaf and multiple public and private partners for an Arbor Week Press Conference in Bobby Vega Park in San Bernardino to announce the winners of the 2019 California Arbor Week Art Contest. #SDGEgiving #California #ArborWeek Southern California Edison (SCE) San Diego Gas & Electric SoCalGas U.S. Forest Service ... See MoreSee Less


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That’s my daughter Norah Kim that drew the word tree. So proud and what a great cause! Thank you all for the honor. 🧡

Should of had that genius "Trump" come out and explain that the forests need to be "raked"

Watch: I recently spoke on the House floor to thank @fema, the Administration, and @DHSgov @SecNielsen for their work to aid recovery efforts following the Oroville Dam spillway incident 25 months ago, and more recently, the #CampFire in Paradise, CA.

🔊 Hey guys, "Solace" is out now across all channels! Any support in listening/sharing is appreciated. 🎶


#sneo #drumandbass #dnb #edm #electronicmusic #guitar #guitarsolo #campfire #ableton #strandberg #newmusic #solace

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