Camp Fires

Camp Fire Relief

On November 8, 2018 a fast moving fire ignited in Northern California, forcing evacuations of thousands as flames raced across the dry land and burned the equivalent of more than 80 football fields a minute!  Residents clogged roadways as they tried to flee, often getting caught by fast moving flames burning across freeways and city roads.  Hospitals and schools had to be evacuated, at times by helicopter and search and rescue.

As an extremely fast moving fire this situation is quickly evolving. Check back often for updates, to donate, to request donations, and to join our Adopt a Family program.

What's New

Damage assessment continues as residents survey the damage, work with their insurance companies and begin to work with contractors.

​Have You Seen These People?

​The Butte County Sherriff's Office is trying to locate the people who have been reported missing since the Camp Fire. It is suspected that many of these people are okay and simply don't know they've been listed as missing, perhaps staying with friends or somewhere safe. If you know, or are, anyone on this list, please contact the Butte County Sherriff's Office to let them know you are safe. You can contact the staff working the Task Force at 530-538-6570, 530-538-7544, or 530-538-7671.

​See List of Missing Persons Here

Resources for Survivors of Carr Fire

Join our Bear Hugger Adopt a Family Program™ 

One of the most powerful things we can do for people in the aftermath of disaster is let them know we care and they are not alone. That’s what this program is designed to do.

Our Bear Hugger Adopt a Family Program allows families to adopt other families in need after a disaster. Many times people want to donate to someone specific, someone they feel like they know, someone they can get specific items for.

Below you can register as a family in need or a family who can help. Please register below to be paired with your Bear Hugger family today. 

What to do After a Disaster 

Emergency Food and Water After a Disaster

If you need emergency food and water after a disaster, find an open emergency shelter or listen to local radio or TV for other disaster feeding sites. You can also check with local agencies for food assistance.

If you’re in your home, follow guidelines for food safety after a power outage or flood.

For specific food safety guidelines after a flood visit the website and get specific action steps to keep you and your family safe.

Returning Home After a Disaster 

We know you may be tempted, but whatever you do, do NOT attempt to return to your property until your local officials have given the all clear. Though it may feel like it takes forever to get permission to go back, know that local officials want to get you in there just as soon as they are sure that it is safe.

After disasters there are often downed power lines that are hidden under debris, unstable buildings that can fall at any moment, or other hazards you may not be aware of.

Once home, remember disposal is going to be a huge consideration. Keep an eye out for items that will need special forms of disposal. Follow your area’s guidelines for disposing of damaged property.

If your family heirlooms or treasures have been damaged, there are a number of resources for saving them online.

Disaster Relief Assistance

There are several places to look for disaster relief assistance. In addition to your local government you can check the following links:

Tax Relief After a Disaster

Find out if you qualify for disaster relief on your federal taxes.


If you have a complaint about disaster relief assistance, contact the Department of Homeland Security's Inspector General’s Office at 1-800-323-8603.

Make a donation to Camp Fire Relief

Camp Fire by the Numbers

  • 153,336 acres burned
  • check
    100 percent contained
  • 5 firefighters injured on the job
  • 85 fatalities confirmed
  • check
    296 unaccounted for
  • check
    19,090 structures destroyed

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23 hours ago


Due to the heavy rains experienced across California, we have seen an increase in #flooding. Please exercise caution in these areas because this flooding can be extremely dangerous! ... See MoreSee Less

Due to the heavy rains experienced across California, we have seen an increase in #flooding. Please exercise caution in these areas because this flooding can be extremely dangerous! attachment


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ENGLISH is our official language.

Yes. Highway 20 is in danger of looking like this if we get much more rain.

2 days ago


This #ValentinesDay, we want to show our love for the place we call home! Together, we can help make California a fire safe masterpiece. #HappyValentinesDay ... See MoreSee Less


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We can❣️ Happy Valentines Day.


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With heavy rains expected across California, we want to take the time to remind you to stay aware of your surroundings and exercise extreme caution while driving. ... See MoreSee Less

With heavy rains expected across California, we want to take the time to remind you to stay aware of your surroundings and exercise extreme caution while driving.


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Reminder if wipers are on lights need to be on.

Currently in santa cruz

It’s kind of like ice fishing, you don’t really want to be first.😉

Monstrous rain in Lake County tonight. It comes in waves. Not sure what that weather pattern is.

The best way to survive, water over a road,.... If you can't see the road surface, assume it isn't there.

Hailey Just a friendly reminder with all the rain on the way 😉

Trying to get home from work hitched a ride... then 40 minuets of 4 more rivulet/flood crossings. BV to Arnold CA

Don’t take chances with your life. It’s not worth it.

Sigh.....should never have to keep putting this "reminder" out if only folks had common sense....but for those who dont....well here it is again

Be careful I’m driving Denny and Angel

Let Darwin work.

epic rainfall is coming....

Thank you! Sharing. ....


Thank you.

Caution please ❤

Lisa Martinelli Tatum Donna Splawn Ŧ

Caleb Farrar reminding you of this because i could just see you go barreling through something like this in your truck 🙄 lol

Christina Ponce 😳

Maddo Badawy

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Cody King be aware please

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#LovingCA would not be complete if we left out the trees growing in our cities. Watch the video to find out how we use vegetation management to care for trees in urban areas! Sacramento Tree Foundation Urban Wood Rescue ... See MoreSee Less


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Support your local portable mill operator!

Scot Miller, Bethany Hannah - Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Interesting reading

Trees [- BIG water users!

Christopher Alan

CAL FIRE the biggest waste of taxpayers money. You spent over a billion dollars and had more acreage burned and more homes lost than ever before. Something needs to change. Why not welcome and support private FF companies like most of the other western states. Cut costs and provide better service

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4 days ago


Look below for an exciting career opportunity!Each CAL FIRE conservation camp houses a water treatment system that supplies potable water to individuals stationed at the camps. Do you have the knowledge and skills needed to perform a variety of specialized work in the operation, maintenance, and repair of these water/wastewater treatment plants? CAL FIRE is currently accepting applications for our Water and Sewage Plant Operator examination! Applications will be accepted until March 8, 2019. Follow the link for more information: ... See MoreSee Less

Look below for an exciting career opportunity!


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Why not hire some more investigators and report writers so you can clear out the backlog of fire cause reports?

A truly great career.

Amy Gustafson King

I’d rather be an HFEM.

Ryan Kincade

Doug Winn

Joseph Braun

Tom Tag Garber want a job😀

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It’s been 3 months since my house burnt down still feels like it’s been less time than that. #CampFire

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